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Body Positive Waxing with @TREATwaxing

Hello my Beautiful TREAT babes =)

Thank you for coming to my site and checking things out.

I wanted my first blog post to address something I'm very passionate about at TREAT waxing & esthetics-

providing a safe, BODY POSITIVE space where ALL clients can feel their best about themselves, their bodies, and the services they are about to TREAT themselves to.

A space where you can feel comfortable in your most vulnerable position- LITERALLY.


As a plus sized woman myself I have come across feelings like these:

(note: I am aware that these feelings come up for women of all shapes and sizes I'm just addressing the things that have come up in my mind pertaining to me and my shape)

" I don't want them to see me like this",

In my mind NO one had a body like me, no one had the marks or scars I had. She couldn't see me bloated, hairy, WHATEVER state I was in, I was afraid they would SEE.

"What will they think of my body?"

I would cringe at the idea of some "perfect" women seeing my REAL SELF and judging me.

" Would she think I'm fat and disgusting? Lazy? is she gonna assume I stink because of my size? WHAT NEGATIVE OPINION WAS GOING TO BE FORMED OF ME AND WOULD IT IMPACT THE QUALITY OF THE SERVICE PROVIDED? "

" Does anyone else look like this?"

I would pick apart my body in the mirror before heading out, "Well, this is how she gets me"

"Do they even have a table that I'll be comfortable on?


Thoughts like these stopped me from booking certain self care services for YEARS and DEFINITELY kept me out of chain waxing studios.

When creating TREAT waxing I knew there was a need for a body positive space that would make you feel your best, even when you came in feeling your worst. I wanted my clients to view coming in for a service as a TREAT for themselves and wanted them to FEEL LIKE ONE when they walked out of my doors.

(FUN FACT-- TREAT waxing & esthetics once didn't even have doors of it's own! TREAT waxing & esthetics started coming to your DOOR as our first business model was a mobile in home waxing service)

So ladies, if you've ever experienced those thoughts or worries , rest assured - you have found your new waxing & esthetics place-- now come on and TREAT yourself !

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