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Eyebrow Waxing in Vallejo-Benicia, CA 94510 Why Is It So Important To Get Your Eyebrows Waxed?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

We've all heard the one saying "eyebrows are the frames of your face". It's true! Our eyebrows can either make or break our look. That's why eyebrow waxing is so important; it helps to shape and define your brows, making them appear more arch, symmetrical and polished.

At Treat Waxing & Esthetics, I understand how essential brows are in achieving results that have a flawless look. As your brow artist, I offer professional waxing services and know exactly how to bring out the best in your natural features. Whether you're trying to achieve a full arch or simply want to keep those hairs under control, I'll work with you to create the perfect shape for your face. Plus, my calming atmosphere will ensure that your experience is as stress-free as possible.

Experience the highest quality brow waxing and hair removal services in Vallejo-Benicia, CA 94510! Come visit me today and look & feel the difference!

At Treat Waxing and Esthetics, I strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of brow waxing and hair removal. I understand that many people feel a little uncomfortable when it comes to getting their eyebrows done, I'm here to make sure you have the most comfortable experience possible. With my extensive extensive knowledge in esthetics, I guarantee that your eyebrows will look perfect after each brow shaping and eyebrow wax treatment!

At Treat Waxing and Esthetics I am proud to provide high quality, professional eyebrow wax services using the best ingredients in an atmosphere that is both comfortable and welcoming. My 100s of satisfied customers can attest to the level of care I take when providing eyebrow waxing services. I strive to make sure all of my clients have a positive experience with me. With plenty of parking available, you won't have to worry about finding a spot. Come visit me today for your eyebrow waxing needs!


Q: What kind of eyebrow waxing do you offer?

A: I offer a variety of eyebrow waxing services, including waxing of the entire brow, waxing of the arch and tail, and waxing of individual hairs.

Q: How much does eyebrow waxing cost?

A: My eyebrow waxing services start at $23, depending on the type of waxing and the amount of work required.

Q: How long does eyebrow waxing take?

A: The total time for eyebrow waxing depends on the type of waxing you choose and the amount of work required, but generally it takes about 15 minutes.

Q: Is eyebrow waxing painful?

A: I strive to make eyebrow waxing as comfortable as possible, so there should be minimal pain. However, everyone has a different pain tolerance level, so it's important to let me know if you are feeling any discomfort.

Q: Does eyebrow waxing need to be done regularly?

A: Yes, eyebrow waxing should be done regularly to maintain the desired look. I recommend getting your eyebrows waxed every 3-4 weeks.

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